Lord of Ultima: Currency Changeover Coming

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Lord of Ultima: Currency Changeover Coming

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Lord of Ultima: Currency Changeover ComingElectronic Arts is making a move to one unified currency for a few of their free-to-play titles in the near future. Depending on what game you play, the premium currency will be changed into Play4Free funds.

After noticing that a number of players of Electronic Arts’ free-to-play titles, such as Lord of Ultima, Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield Heroes, play more than one or perhaps all of those titles, publishers Electronic Arts have decided to make a unified currency in all of those online games.

Starting on Wednesday, January 18th, all premium funds in Lord of Ultima, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free will be converted into Play4Free Funds. This allows you to purchase the currency and use it across a range of games, instead of purchasing them for each game individually.

However, it is not just a direct 1-1 conversion that will take place. The conversion rates for the Play4Free Funds are as follows:

Battlefield Play4Free: 1 Battlefund = 6 Play4Free Funds
Battlefield Heroes: 1 Battlefund = 6 Play4Free Funds
Lord of Ultima: 1 Diamond = 8.4 Play4Free Funds

Source: 247PlayGames.com - Just Free Online Games

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