Lord of Ultima: Five New Worlds Launching on Thursday!

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Lord of Ultima: Five New Worlds Launching on Thursday!

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Lord of Ultima: Five New Worlds Launching on Thursday!Publisher Electronic Arts has announced that they plan to launch five new worlds on Thursday, June 16th. These new worlds will open opportunities to players and give them a chance for a fresh start in the free-to-play online strategy game, Lord of Ultima.

The new worlds coming to Lord of Ultima will give veteran players and new players alike a way to get a fresh start and experience the game from the beginning. Going live on Thursday, June 16th, the five worlds are comprised of not only English servers, but other languages as well.

The new English worlds will cater to all English-speaking players around the globe. A total of three, one will be dedicated to Europe, one to Australia and the third server for the west coast of America. This gives players all over the world the chance to get in on a new server without serious latency issues!

Additionally, a Polish and Italian world will be going live for those of you who are multilingual, would like to try your hand out in another language or simply are searching for a server in your native language!

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