Lord of Ultima: Moongates and More Starting Tomorrow

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Lord of Ultima: Moongates and More Starting Tomorrow

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Lord of Ultima: Moongates and More Starting TomorrowElectronic Arts is getting ready to roll out an update for their browser-based, free-to-play strategy game, Lord of Ultima. Due to arrive tomorrow, the update will bring along a new, major feature as well as a number of small fixes and upgrades.

The next major patch for Lord of Ultima is going live tomorrow, March 13th, and will have all of you rulers out there re-evaluating your strategy as a new feature is going to be introduced that will change the way you wage war.

The Moongates, as we have already discussed, will give you a new way to surprise attack and keep you on your toes as this feature is sure to change up the gameplay of Lord of Ultima. They will allow you to transport your troops to faraway gates quickly, adding a new facet to the warfare of the browser-based strategy game.

Additionally, a number of usability improvements and bugfixes will be made. These include a new tooptip, a new default group for cities, alliance announcement edited in a separate window and more.

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