Ragnarok 2 Online: Fantasy RPG Released Today

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Ragnarok 2 Online: Fantasy RPG Released Today

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Ragnarok 2 Online: Fantasy RPG Released TodayAfter conducting several beta events over the past couple of month, testing has come to an end. Coming today, May 1st, Ragnarok Online 2 will be released for good and the roleplaying game will be available to everyone that wants to venture into magical lands, fight mythical creatures and save innocent people from a slow, painful death.

When creating a character, you will have to choose a base class - advanced skills and talents will be up for grabs once you hit level 25. Each hero can also take up a profession that lets you craft helpful items, including health potions, runes or finger-lickin'-good buff food.

Ragnarok 2 Online Release May 1st 2013

In celebration of the final release, community managers invite all players to join their festivities and participate in various events. Once the servers go live, you will face time-limited challenges. Care for an example? Whoever reaches level 30 by June, unlocks an exclusive title for their character. The publishers have recently announced that Ragnarok Online 2 will also be released on Steam, another popular gaming platform.

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